What is a backlink and how to create a backlink?

How to make a high-quality backlink What is a backlink 2021 and how to make a backlink 2021, what is a backlink and why is it necessary? What is a backlink and how to create a backlink? Today in this article you will tell what is in the backlink? How is it made? And you will get full information about backlinks in this article.

So let’s talk about what Backlink is and how to create Backlink…

What is BACKLINK 2021

A backlink is a link that connects one website to another website. Understand in simple language, if the link of your website is to another website, then it is your backlink, any user can access your site through that link, Example to understand what the backlink is – you must have heard at some time that “people don’t reach me upstairs” which means that the information of that person is available to a lot of people, which means that they have their backlink Because of which people recognize that band easily

In the same way, there is Backlink, the more Backlink High Authority Sites you take for your website, you will quickly rank them in your Site Search Engines. In a way, we can also say that Backlink supports your blog in ranking in Search Engines and in bringing traffic to your site.


There are two types of backlink

  • DoFollow Backlink
  • NoFollow Backlink


Such backlinks help in ranking your blog/website in Search Engines, which also brings traffic to your website and such links get you mostly from guest posting and from the site that creates a profile.


NoFollow links do not help in ranking your website and one-way Nofollow links are useless for your site but you also need to create such links so that your profile link gives a natural look, NoFollow tag will be tagged on NoFollow Backlink. Due to this, Google’s Robots do not index from it.

How to make BACKLINK in 2021

Friends, you can build Backlinks for your website in three ways.


You can create backlinks for your site by commenting. Mostly you get NoFollow Backlink from Commenting Sites.

But if you Comment and create a Nofollow Link to a good website, then it will be good for your website.

If you are creating a link from a website by a comment, in such a way you can create a backlink in 2 ways.

(A). If the site you are committing to is built on WordPress, then you will also get the option to add a link to your blog along with the comment there and you will get 1 backlink easily.

(B). The site on which you are going to make a backlink by commenting, if it is made on the Site Blogger, then you will not get the option to add a link to your blog there.

But if you have to take a backlink from there, then you have to copy the code below and add a link to your site instead of “https://www.yousite.com” and write something else instead of “Your Text”. , On which you want to put your link.

Code – <a href=”https://www.yoursite.com”> Your Text </a>


To take a High-Quality Dofollow Backlink, you can also guest post on any distance website that allows Guest Posting. Guest Post means you write an article for your blog, in the same way, you have to write a good article for any distance website, which has more information and the topic is covered well. Just you have to write a similar article and get that post published on a website with a high DA PA so that your basic information can be given there along with a link to your website.

Creating PROFILE

There are many such websites where you can create your own profile and you also get the option to add your website there.

You get 100% Dofollow Backlink from Sites that create most profiles, but some also give you a no-follow link.

Friends, by using these three methods, you can create a backlink for your blog/website and improve your site’s ranking in Search Engines.