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Dave Dauber AKA Your Cash Flow Professor has done a thorough investigation into the Carbon Copy Pro Marketing System and reports as follows. Carbon Copy Pro started as a system platform consisting of websites, training modules, and a full-blown community designed to teach people how to promote affiliate plans and financial programs. Over the past few years, it’s evolved into a learning platform that will teach anyone how to market anything to anybody. The platform consists of learning modules that walk for beginners or experienced Internet Marketer through step by step action plans to gain maximum visibility on the web.


The learning process. Includes video tutorials with experts in the field teaching and explain every step. As a member of the community, you’re provided with a done for you system and assigned a personal coach that’s available to you 10 hours a day. These coaches are successful internet marketers in their very own right and are masters of every type of online marketing tactic you can think of. To make access to this community is needed to process what they call an Application Kit that ships to you a DVD and workbook which include some important marketing secrets discovered through many trials and tribulation by the very talented owners of Carbon Copy Pro Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson.


At the very informative DVD and workbook, 10 top secrets of the gurus are all laid out and the exact system used to generate leads, prospects and clients is fully explained. Not just that, once your application is accepted you’re going to get special audio from Jeffrey Combs. I think Jeffrey is the first guy to earn over a million dollars from home in this industry and speak internationally on personal development. If you want to get more info about it done for your Internet and Business Online educational platform check out the professor’s resource box below. Learn all Your Cash Flow Professor’s secrets of how to instantly set-up a smooth marketing system to generate all the free leads you require for your Internet Online Business utilizing the Carbon Copy Pro educational and done for you an instant platform. Visit with the Professor to learn the best and easiest methods to get your Internet Marketing system up and running in twenty-four hours or less.

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