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Modern Education Technology

Children are very different and it’s difficult to find a versatile tool that will be intriguing to all, say Oleksii and Oleksandr Tebenko. We believe that kids should learn in a playful way, in a way that’s natural to their age. With gameplay, students can unwind and better concentrate on the subject, which undoubtedly contributes to better learning. The Tebenkos, twin brothers from Ukraine, put their words into action last year at the Windows 8 Appathon with their application, Matches a brain training game that allows individuals to use match sticks and memory games to help remember things. They won the people’s choice award for their project.


We wanted to show that common objects like matches could help employ creativity and aid in the development of one’s logic, creative thinking, memory, attention and even improving reaction speed, said Oleksii Tebenko. However, the brothers didn’t stop there. They continued to work on the application even after their win. Now known as MindSticks, the game now offers added color, improved design, and five types of tasks: logic, imagination, memory, reaction, and attention. The most valuable prize at the Appathon was a lot of intriguing comments and suggestions, they say. But most importantly, we saw that our idea was really intriguing and truly innovative.


With their finished product, the Tebenkos paid particular attention to interaction with users. Now they may create their very own levels and challenges, making the application a more versatile learning tool that may be customized based on the knowledge level, they say. The game now has a clearly marked social character, and we created levels that can be accessible to all community members. I hope you enjoy them today Adventure with Oleksii and Oleksandr Tebenko.


What drew you to the field of education? Why it is essential to you? We like to pass our knowledge on to the younger generation. They’ve no burden of knowledge or life experience, which can frequently interfere with creative thinking. They aren’t afraid to experiment and don’t think about failure. And once you see them plus they truly are intrigued in your thoughts, you feel almost like a rock star. This could make an impression on the most open-minded listeners.


Could you tell us about a favored tutor or somebody who made a difference in your education or inspired you the most? To us, teachers aren’t bad or good, rather, they make their subjects intriguing to you. Any tutor, eventually, teaches you something. Some develop your creative thinking, while others develop character. How have you applied technology in innovative ways to support your work? Since we work in IT, we’re applying technology in different innovative ways to support our research. To collaborate with students and co-workers we use Skype.

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