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How to Earn Money by Playing Money Games

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Can you imagine that people are making a lot of money by playing online games on the internet? If you have not heard about how to earn money by playing games. So today we are giving you information that what is Paise Kamane Wala game app and how to earn money from the game.


Friends, it is absolutely true that people are earning lakhs of rupees even by playing online games. Some people just play games and record their videos and upload that video to social media like YouTube or Facebook.


Today you will discover numerous such video directs in which you are being educated to mess around. These recordings have a large number of perspectives up until this point. On which the commercials additionally continue to run. What’s more, through these advertisements individuals who mess around and transfer them bring in a ton of cash. There are alternate approaches to bring in cash just by playing internet games. Some portable applications likewise allow you an opportunity to bring in cash, as

Which is the money-making game?

What are the apps to earn money by playing games?

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Money-Making game

  • How to earn money from the loco game

Friends, if you are fond of playing games, then you must have heard the name of the LOCO game, this is the first such game in our country India. Paisa Kamane Wala Game means you can earn money by playing.

There are many ways to earn money in LOCO Sports like FANTASY Sports, Quiz or Questionnaire, etc. The more games you play and win, the more your ranking goes up, and the more money you get or the more you can earn PAYTM cash.


To play the game in the loco game you need a coin, you can earn this coin by playing the game on the loco. For this, you need to create a loco account. You get 500 coins in reward only after signing up for it.

You can play any quiz, game, or fantasy game with your coins on Loco App and earn money.

Some people think that how will we get the money we have won, because people are hesitant to give the bank account number, but you need not worry. In the Loco app, you get the option to transfer the winning money to your Paytm account. Whenever your Loco app receives Re 1, you can transfer it to Paytm Wallet.


  • How to earn money with Qureka App

Friends Qureka’s game how to earn money from other games. You get to play many games on this. But you must have coins to play them. You can earn these coins by watching ads on the app, which is very easy. Egg game is very beneficial for those who are looking for answers on how to earn money from online games.

There are many other ways to earn money on Qureka Game like playing games, fantasy sports leagues, referring games to your friends, you can also earn money from this. One of its features is that the more money you earn from your referred friend, the more profit you will get.

On the Qureka app, you get coins for viewing aids, so you can play games. This money earning app gives you 10 coins for one ad