What is Error 404? And how to solve it?

By | November 2, 2021

What is Error 404 NOT FOUND? Today I am going to tell you this…

As you may have heard a lot or have given it somewhere. Error 404 What happens after all? How does it work? Why does it come? How do we solve this? I will tell you all about this.

If you are a web developer, then you must have seen this error code. Error code 404 not Found tells you that the page/file/image you are going to is not present there.


So what is the reason for this now? The reason for this is broken links, meaning that you have not updated your links in the website now, but the directory of any particular page or file has been deleted or you have changed its location. For example, there is a folder in your server named Home, Home is inside New, and if there is a file inside New then this is its full address. But if you remove it from New and put that image or particular web page in a different folder named Old, then it will not remain in the new folder. But if the visitor is visiting the new folder then he will not get it. So the error code that appears is Error 404 NOTE FOUND.

Either this is also because the web server that you are seeking is a particular file, this file can be any, here this file can be an HTML file, can be a webpage, There can be any image, any kind of file. But we can’t find it when we search.


Second reason

Broken links may be that the link has been entered incorrectly. The website has moved or deleted from the page where the page or image is, the file has been moved or deleted from that place, but you still on the same address If you are looking for him then he will not be found. And there you see Error 404 Note Found.


How to solve this?

As I just told you, this problem is only when the post/file or images are moved by deletion or deleted. Sometimes developers shift a link or web page to another location. But there is a link to that webpage on their entire website, it would be old, and when the visitor visits that webpage, it sees an error 404 page not found.


So if you are a web developer or run such a website, then fix all the internal links. These Broken Links, which are called Broken Links, take the visitor to a place where nothing happens. So such links can be manually checked and the address of them can be changed where the webpage is available so that whenever the visitor clicks to visit your website, it can easily reach that page.


If it is not taking you to the right webpage, then you can use the search option of that website, the search option can search about anything of any website, if any page or file Looks have been removed, not found, so you can see this by looking in the search, that webpage can be found on any website or in any directory. You can also go through the directory. And you will get full information about it.

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